Shipping bullshit since '10

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I’m just sad, that our boys aren’t our boys anymore.

I mean.. I don’t know how to say it and I don’t want to use fake, but really. It looks so fake. Harry’s eyes, their faces. I’m sorry if I offended you by this post. But this song is so emotional and that video is about nothing

Really sorry

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Anonymous asked: 10 proofs ? O:) (larry)

1. “And I’d marry you Harry.”

2. “Louis, can I give you a blowjob?”

3. “Always in my heart Harry Styles yours sincerely Louis

4. Tattoos

5. Hugs

6. Ways how they look at each other

7. Silence, that they have to keep 

8. Eleanor, I like her and I think she’s Larry Shipper too, becuase. You know, she took photo of them, when they hugged each other. Heh

9. I just don’t believe, that someone, just one person, started shipping Larry and other milion joined. It would be weird if so many people would believe in bullshit.

10. Larry. Larry is with us since start, Elounor just started. But Larry was born. 

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aki-anyway asked: Please don't repost other artist's art, thank you

I’m sorry if it’s yours. My friend send it to me and I just post it, I don’t know what’s bad on it. Anyway, there’s signature so.. 

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